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I should be taking the time to work on book three of The Evolved Trilogy, Choices – Complications of the Evolved; however, I was perusing book trailers and got side tracked! First of all, I just have to say I LOVE the new Soul Seekers series by Alyson Noel. I have read the first two books (fated & echo) and checked out her book trailers. The trend seems to be short trailers (16 seconds to be exact) of book teasers rather than full trailers. Although I have created my own trailers for Altered – Revelations of the Evolved & Broken – Afflictions of the Evolved, one day…..most likely a far off day….I will make more polished and professional trailers. They will probably not turn out like the two below, but still:   (fated)   (echo)


So, in my delusional state of one day creating really awesome trailers, I went looking for background music. That’s when I discovered Brad Halverson. I really enjoy supporting new talent (authors, composers, artists, etc) so I immediately “liked” his facebook page and gave a little shout out on my facebook page and twitter. It’s not much, but hey, I appreciate when people do the same for me (karma???).

Please take a look at his website page and facebook page!



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