Beautiful Creatures Series

My obsession with Beautiful Creatures started at the beginning of the first book.

The main character’s POV is from teenager Ethan Wate who can’t wait to leave his small hometown of Gatlin. That is until he has strange dreams involving a girl he has never met and they rattle his boring existence. One day Lena Duchannes shows up at school and is not welcomed by the snobby classmates. They’re actually quite cruel. Ethan is drawn to Lena and she lets him in on her secret of being a Caster (fancy word for witch). There are so many twists and turns in this book that it was hard to put it down. After I finished it, I ran out to purchase the remaining books in the series.



I don’t want to give away the plot by discussing the other books, but if you like suspense, mystery and not always a happy ending, then I highly recommend these books.

Beautiful Creatures:

Beautiful Darkness:

Beautiful Chaos:

Beautiful Redemption:

Just in case it isn’t your cup of tea, buy the first book and make your decision from there.


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