Choices – Complications of the Evolved Update

I have been actively approaching book bloggers to review the first book of The Evolved Trilogy: Altered – Revelations of the Evolved.

Create Space Altered


Both the paperback and ebook version are available on amazon.


Broken – Afflictions of the Evolved is currently only available as an ebook. I’m happy to say that I expect my proof copies in a few weeks, and after a few beta readers provide me with suggestions, I will have the polished and final product available shortly after that.

broken number 5


The final book in the series is Choices – Complications of the Evolved.

I am about 1/3 of the way through the first draft. I know how it’s going to fit together, I just need to get it down on paper. I am also waiting for nicer weather as I have the perfect picture in mind for the cover. As soon as it is created, I will share it with you all.

Then the trilogy will be finished….but don’t worry, I have another idea for a series involving travel to parallel worlds. Yep, I have many more books inside of me!

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