Change of Cover?

Somehow this post got deleted from my blog when I was uninstalling a plugin…anyway…here it is again:

First off, I would like to say I appreciate everyone who has taken the time to read my books and post a review. I really do value the feedback (both positive and negative). The Evolved Trilogy is nearing completion and the accomplishment has me thinking about full steam ahead marketing once it’s done. Writing a book is hard. Being self-published makes me want to work that much harder by producing high quality work. One thing that keeps repeating in the reviews (and even comments from my friends) is about the cover. I like my cover but I don’t love it. I am seriously contemplating changing it so that it will appeal to the those who enjoying reading the YA genre and hopefully increase book sales. I know that I am not a talented cover designer so I might have to take the plunge and hire someone to do it for me. Hopefully that will pay off in the end. In the interim, I will plug away diligently on book three. I think I will go work on it right now.:)  (originally published 28 Jun 2013)

Update: Yes, I did go work on book three. I ended up completely changing around a few chapters. So does that mean I am ahead of the game or further behind? I’m going to switch over laundry and keep plugging away.

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